White Rock Lake Engagement Portraits | Blake + Sarah

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- eleanor

Truth is: I love my clients with my whole heart and I love to celebrate them and their stories. This blog is where that happens.

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Thanks to a long weekend for the Easter holiday, I was able to make a trip to Dallas to capture Blake and Sarah’s White Rock Lake engagement portraits. They are one of my 2019 wedding couples that will get married this November at a beautiful SPRINGS event venue. I was thrilled at the opportunity to explore White Rock Lake with them, since I don’t often get to venture outside of my usual stomping grounds in College Station. The trees were clearly thankful for the recent rain and the glowing sunset streamed through them. As you can see, they go together so naturally.

Blake, Sarah, and I all graduated from Texas A&M in the same class, and I knew Blake through a service organization we were in and served staff on. Sarah was roommates with another girl, Savannah (another Honey & Wildfire bride, y’all!!!) who was in the organization with us and so I was lucky enough to know Sarah through that as well!

Blake was partners with Savannah for the organization, so he often went to study with her in the library. Since they were on the quiet floor, Sarah says she remembers texting Savannah that she though Blake was cute! After that, Blake & Sarah stayed friends through their sophomore year and went to a date party at the end of that year, and after that following summer the rest was history… they went to Chuy’s on their first date which is a sure sign of good things for any relationship!

When it came time for Blake to want to propose to Sarah, he planned the sweetest proposal ever. They had plans for brunch, which is one of their favorite ways to spend time together on the weekend. Blake told Sarah about a place near his office that a couple of his coworkers suggested. He mentioned it was a little fancier than their usual date spot so they should dress up a bit. Sarah remarks that this was a bit suspicious looking back. After eating at the restaurant, they decided to walk around and look in the stores. They stopped in the furniture store, one of their favorite things to look around in together. While they walked around, they talked about how they would furnish their future home. After walking around for a bit, Blake suggested they walk around in the park near his office.

Beautiful trees, water, and homes surrounded the park. Kind of just like White Rock Lake! I just love that these two things sort of matched up in that way. They walked along the water and Blake led Sarah down a path. They ended at a table set up with sunflowers, his bible, and a box Sarah gave him for their 6 month anniversary. Blake read one of his favorite passages from his bible, and then pulled a note out of the box that he had written, talking about their relationship and their future. After that, he got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him!

As you can see – she said yes. I just can’t get over that story since they shared it with me the first time. Hopefully these White Rock Lake engagement portraits reflect the love seen in that story and Sarah and Blake’s relationship! In just a few months, we will be celebrating the newlywed Hensons!


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