Brownstone Reserve Wedding | Baylee + Jonathan

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- eleanor

Truth is: I love my clients with my whole heart and I love to celebrate them and their stories. This blog is where that happens.

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I am so excited to share this Brownstone Reserve wedding with you guys today! Since it is one of the few wedding venues actually in College Station, I’ve spent quite a few weddings there. The reception space, iconic bridge, and ceremony site are all made out of the same beautiful “brownstone”. Not to mention the big trees have quickly found a place in my heart.

I met Baylee in the fall of 2018 for her senior portraits. She immediately proved to be one of those people that just knows how to make others feel incredible. She knows how to make you feel seen, welcome, and loved – before she even knows anything other than your name. We laughed around campus with her mom and her dog, Chloe, and just barely beat a storm that rolled in.

Then, I got a call from Baylee’s mom, Becky, in mid-December. My anxiety-ridden self was convinced that they hated Baylee’s senior portraits and the call was to complain! But instead she told me that Baylee’s boyfriend had made plans to propose and they wanted me to capture it. I immediately said a huge yes.

The day came. I arrived to the Century Tree on Texas A&M’s campus early to hide out. The Century Tree is a place that holds a special place in the heart of many Aggies. It’s over 100 years old and was one of the first trees planted on Texas A&M’s massive campus. The beautiful live oak has been the site of countless Aggie marriage proposals, and even weddings . Tradition says that if a couple walks together underneath the Century Tree, they will eventually marry and be together forever.

Jonathan walked Baylee under the Century Tree to propose, and she was TOTALLY surprised. And remember that thing about how Baylee makes everyone feel seen? She started crying all over again when she saw me there because she was so happy to see me. Who does that at their own proposal?  Baylee does. Because she’s that incredible.

When Baylee asked me to be her wedding photographer, I don’t think I’ve ever said yes so fast! I loved chatting with her about our mutual excitement throughout the process. We took her bridal portraits at Brownstone Reserve about two months before her wedding. And guess what? I absolutely started crying when I saw her in her dress for the first time. She told me that the most important thing to her about her dress was that it was beautiful and timeless without the whole day being about the dress. I’ve never heard a bride say that before – and again, I just stood there floored by who Baylee is as a person.

When it was finally time for Baylee + Jonathan’s Brownstone Reserve wedding day, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I showed up probably an hour early, at least, because I just could not sit in my hotel room for one more second. The minute I walked into Brownstone, I was greeted by the biggest hug from Baylee, and she asked me how I was and how the drive had been. AGAIN, what bride is thinking about others so much in this way on their day. Seriously, everyone needs to find a Baylee for their life right now.

I spent the first bit of my time their walking around looking at their reception decor. All of the tables had photos of Baylee and Jonathan from all the years they have been dating – they’re high school sweethearts, y’all! Then, they had popcorn favors since their first date was the movies – I mean, how cute and thoughtful! Not to mention, the signs for Luling (where they met), Texas A&M (where they got married), and San Antonio (where they live now) – which you’ll see in the blog. Each of these corresponded to something special: watermelon for Luling, maroon kool-aid for Texas A&M, and a Mexican food dinner for San Antonio. Truly some of the most sentimental and personalized decor I’ve ever seen.

I spent the rest of the morning hanging out with the girls (+ bridesman, Chase) while they got ready and just loved seeing the incredible friendship between each of them and how they poured into Baylee. Jonathan gifted Baylee some reaaaaally cool sunglasses, and Baylee shared a first look with her dad (yes, I cried). Their first look was full of all excitement and the hot summer day was cut by a cool breeze. That cool breeze managed to snag Baylee’s veil off her head during her procession – but you’ll see in the photos, she just laughed and smiled. Again, she is a one in a million kind of person, you guys. Baylee and Jonathan snuggled and giggled through bride and groom portraits and then partied it up at their reception.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Glover family and this wedding. Baylee and Jonathan, thank you for letting me be a part of your day! I wish you all the warmth, adventures, and comfort through your years as the Teafatillers.

Eleanor is the Albuquerque wedding photographer for couples that like belly laughs, spontaneous dance parties, late night life chats, restaurants that serve chips and salsa, and being in love.

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Eleanor is the Albuquerque wedding photographer for couples that like belly laughs, spontaneous dance parties, late night life chats, restaurants that serve chips and salsa, and being in love. Are you looking for a New Mexico wedding photographer that can be your one-woman hype squad, personal stand-up comic, emergency bobby-pin and tissue kinda gal, or wedding day timeline wizard? Then you’re in the right place.

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