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- eleanor

Truth is: I love my clients with my whole heart and I love to celebrate them and their stories. This blog is where that happens.

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So, the bridal portraits. Why exactly?

My favorite Southern tradition – the bridal portrait session! When I booked my first bridal portrait session, I had no idea it was even a thing since my family is British. I’ve come to learn that bridal portraits aren’t that common outside of the South. I wish I had known about them sooner because I would’ve loved to have done this myself. I mean, after all, we spend so much time, energy, and money on picking out the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and so many other little things, that we should get to honor that with beautiful portraits! What better way to use your hair and make-uptrial, bouquet trial if you have one, and make sure you can move in that dress? I love seeing bridals displayed at receptions and I know SO many grooms that have a bridal portrait of their new wife on their bedside table. Too sweet!

I typically recommend scheduling your bridals 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. This ensures plenty of time to get the photos back and to not be rushed with canvas and print orders. If that is not possible, I completely understand! At the very least, I need at least 3 weeks for the images to be ready, but your print orders will need to be ordered directly through me so that I can ensure your orders come in on time.


Make sure to bring all of the accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day! This could include earrings, bracelets, heirloom pieces, shoes, your engagement ring and veil. Whatever is applicable to your day. If you have any other heirloom items that you want some sentimental photos of but don’t plan to wear on your big day – feel free to bring those as well. Also think about bringing a more comfortable pair of shoes that is around the same height as your wedding day shoes. That way you will be more comfortable and not worry about possibly getting your shoes dirty.


This is definitely not required but I like to mention it because it’s easy to forget to order a bouquet for their bridals. There are just so many other things to remember to bring, but a bouquet gives something extra for your hands to do during photos. Most floral packages usually include a bridal session bouquet so definitely double check with your florist to see if its an option.


Just like you’ll be able to test how you move in your dress, you will be able to see how your makeup and hair holds up to moving around. Once you receive your photos, you can see how your makeup shows in photos. Makeup can look very different in a mirror to how it photographs. This way you can see if there is anything you would like to change for the day-of. As an example, blush and or eye-makeup can photograph lighter than it appears in person, meaning you may want a bit more on your wedding day or feel like you have too much on in the mirror, even though it photographs amazingly well. You can even forward your images to your makeup and hair artist to help with that feedback!

The Dress

I usually suggest scheduling your bridals right before your last alteration. During the bridal session, you will be moving around like you would be on the wedding day. That way if something feels too tight, too loose, or the length isn’t quite right, you will be able to tell your alterations vendor any last adjustments you would like. This chance can also give you any insight into things you might need like fashion tape or a crochet hook to do all those teeny buttons. Also, looking at the photos from your session can also help to see if anything else needs to be adjusted.


I highly suggest bringing a family member or friend to help out during the bridal session. There are a lot of things to move around and position just right! Also, it never hurts to have someone thereto help with your most natural laugh and smile!

Using Your Venue

The majority of my brides choose to do their bridal session at their wedding venue. This choice is completely up to you! There is no right or wrong location! Traditionally, bridals are done the wedding venue or church but some brides opt to do a non-wedding day location, for variety.

New Locale

This choice is usually because a bride believes that since they will already have so many photos from their wedding day at their venue, that they see their bridal session as an opportunity for a different backdrop. This could be anywhere from a local park or another venue altogether. Whichever your choice, I can help facilitate that communication. An important note is that there could be a rental fee if choosing a studio or venue other than the one you have rented for your wedding day.

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Eleanor is the Albuquerque wedding photographer for couples that like belly laughs, spontaneous dance parties, late night life chats, restaurants that serve chips and salsa, and being in love. Are you looking for a New Mexico or Texas wedding photographer that can be your one-woman hype squad, personal stand-up comic, emergency bobby-pin and tissue kinda gal, or wedding day timeline wizard? Then you’re in the right place.

  1. […] Now that Sydney is a MARRIED LADY (ah!), I can finally share her Farmhouse bridal portraits! It’s always SO hard to keep these photos a secret until after the wedding day and we took Sydney’s the summer before her January wedding so it was a tough wait. She is just so gorgeous and The Farmhouse is so beautiful that I wanted to share these right away! Her incredible bouquet and dress that was perfect for twirling, made this session such a treat. Bridal portraits are one of my favorite things to photograph. I just love this time with my brides. Plus, it allows the bride to test out her look for her big day before it actually arrives. If you’re a bride looking for more details on this, check out this blog post about preparing for bridal portraits. […]

  2. […] Driving through the Hill Country for Sarah’s Gruene Estate bridals filled my heart all the way up. One of my favorite parts of Texas is the amount of small town charm that exists around every corner. Now that Sarah’s husband, Austin, has officially seen her wedding dress, I can share her bridal portraits with all of you! Did I just say her husband?! Yes! Sarah + Austin were one of my original May wedding couples but they decided to postpone their large wedding until this October. Even though their big celebration was postponed, they still got married in an intimate ceremony with their family there to surround them in love and prayer. Sarah’s dress for that day was so beautiful I thought it must be her wedding dress, and then she blew me away with this stunner! She had the most gorgeous details to go along with her dress, with her cathedral veil and sparkly headband bringing in all the whimsical vibes you could ask for. The Gruene Estate property is perfect for a Texas fall wedding with an open air chapel and open air reception space – not to mention the cutest cottages for the wedding party to get ready in. Seeing the venue in person just got me that much more excited for their wedding day. Getting to do bridal portraits before a wedding always allows me as a photographer to start dreaming up what the day of portraits will look like. If you’re a bride looking for more details on this, check out this blog post about preparing for bridal portraits. […]



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