a few of my favorite things

First things first, I'm addicted to personality quizzes, so here are the straight facts:

about me

Myers-Briggs: INFJ
Enneagram: Type 4 (with a 5 wing!)
Disney Sidekick: Genie
Celebrity Boyfriend: Nick Jonas
Type of Fruit: Watermelon
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character: Amy Santiago
Type of Tea: Green Tea
Tex-Mex Meal: Quesadilla
Dog Breed: Border Collie
Type of Cheese: Brie
Household Appliance: Alarm Clock
Chain Restaurant: Cracker Barrel
Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw


Dance Parties

Confetti Tosses

Champagne Pops

love notes

"We were so blessed to have Eleanor Wellbaum as our photographer and would recommend her to anyone with a special day coming up! Her relaxed personality during the event, professionalism in getting prepared & complete flexibility with our bride's wishes- made the whole experience a joy. The actual images she caught are breathtaking and we couldn't be happier! Be ready to cry when she share the pictures."


"Everything I have to say about Eleanor is positive, because she was wonderful to work with. She made taking our engagement pictures in the 30-40-degree weather such a pleasant experience. She was very sweet, kind, and a little adventurous! We were onboard with all of her ideas during our session, which included climbing onto a bike! (which turned out so cute in pictures!) Speaking of pictures – all of the pictures she took were beautiful! We highly recommend Eleanor!"


"Eleanor is absolutely AMAZING! Not only is she a talented photographer but she is great at making you feel comfortable. She tells you how to pose and helps you laugh when you need to! I was nervous for the engagement pictures with my fiancé but she made him feel very comfortable and he said it was a great experience. Would definitely recommend!!!"


"These are so beyond what I could have imagined. Hunter and I just posted up with a tub of ice cream and relievd our whole wedding night. We recried and relaughed through each. You captured it all. We love every single one of the photos. I cannot wait to post them. I just sent all 800+ to my family and will have to decide which ones to post, which will be so hard. It was such a blessing to have you as our photographer, you have such a talent."


"I have tears running down my face right now. I'm so blessed to have a photographer, and now friend, like you. You have made me even more excited for my wedding and I didn't think that was possible. Eleanor, you are so nice and genuine. I am so happy I get to witness what it looks like when someone is as passionate as you are about life and your career."


"Oh my gosh, it is like Christmas! I am literally without words. They're all so perfect, I'm going to have an existential crisis trying to pick what to share. You're amazing and they're amazing. I am so thrilled. My mom started crying when she saw these, you have such a knack and a talent for capturing such amazing pictures and you made me feel so pretty!"


Hey there! I'm Eleanor, and I'm the gal behind all the glowy photos, bad jokes, gif reactions to text messages, late-night blog posts, and probably way-too-casually-written website blurbs and social media posts you'll see from Honey & Wildfire!!! I'm a Texas wedding and senior photographer that would love to chat with ya about all the celebrations in YOUR life.

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