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We get you booked with the right package to cover your day the way you're dreaming of! We can meet, call, FaceTime, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, morse-code flashlight to chat about your perfect day. 

Each of my brides receives a welcome package with lots of helpful planning information! You have full access to me via text, email, or phone call until your wedding. I also send over questionnaires to help plan.

Final planning chats happen about 1-2 weeks before the wedding! I will send over an extensive questionnaire that goes hand-in-hand with my planning magazine. Then we'll talk on the phone to work out all the final details.

THE BIG DAY! I'll show up with literally every thing you could think you might possible need in my emergency kit. Sneak peeks are delivered 24-48 hours after, then gallery in 6-8 weeks, and any prints and albums after that!

We take your portrait session photographs! Engagement photos are as soon as is convenient, and bridal photos are usually 6-12 weeks before the wedding. I send over ANOTHER planning guide for these.

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"Thank you for everything! You made my day so perfect. You calmed my nerves and we had so much fun. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Our families just keep talking about how much they loved you. Everything was beyond perfect and it means so much to us. You were the biggest and best part of our wedding. We are so thankful to call you our friend."

You were the biggest + Best Part of Our Wedding


"Eleanor, I have been super busy since you sent our pictures, but I finally had time to go through them all tonight, & wow! They are literally so perfect and more that we could've imagined. We loved reliving our day through these pictures! I can't even decide which ones to hang in our home because I love them all. Thank you for everything and for making our day so amazing!"

I can't even decide which ones to hang


"I love Eleanor so much, not many people can say that their wedding photographer has become one of their sweet friends but I CAN! She is such a blessing. I want everyone to know how genuinely talented, special, and loving she is. She is just the best. It was all so special, and even more so because she was a part of it."

Eleanor is Such
a Blessing


"Ah, we just spent some time together looking at all of the pictures and we are so emotional about how we can just relive the day through the pictures. You captured us, our love, and our day, so well. Thank you for all the time you put in. Everything about the day was so perfect and we're thankful you captured it in a way we'll be able to show family and friends for years to come."

You captured us, our love, and our day, so well


"Eleanor is the best. She was my lifesaver and insanity-keeper on my big day. You have no idea how reassuring her presence was in those awkward moments we had to navigate due to family and stress. She managed to do it with so much grace and I will be forever thankful to her for that. The Millses love her!"

She Was My lifesaver and Insanity Keeper


"Absolute 10/10, such a fantastic person, photographer, and great teammate for brides from beginning to end! I cannot say enough about her as a person, as well as a photographer. She helped so much throughout the craziness of the day and was calm in the chaos! Little crisis moments, and many complicated family situations were handled with ease. And on top of that, all of the photos are everything we could've ever wanted or imagined."



"Seriously over the moon thanks to you! It was absolutely the most perfect day and we couldn't have done it without you. I haven't stopped happy crying since yesterday, so good thing I don't have to take any more photos. You killed it. For real, thank you so much for literally everything. Making the trip after just moving, helping us have the most perfect wedding day, and above all else, being an awesome friend. You have done so much for us, and I have no words to describe how thankful we are for you. We love you!



"Emory and I are freaking out. I literally have 1% of battery life and I'm praying I can send this before my phone dies. You're phenomenal. These pictures are everything I wanted and more - I can't believe there ARE more. So thankful you were placed in my life. Truly heaven sent. I am still so giddy and excited from this wonderful day. I can't believe you captured our goofy souls so well. You are responsible for magic!

These Pictures are everything I wanted and More

a little bit about Me

Hey there! I'm Eleanor, and I'm the gal behind all the glowy photos, bad jokes, gif reactions to text messages, late-night blog posts, and probably way-too-casually-written website blurbs and social media posts you'll see from Honey & Wildfire!!! First and foremost, I believe in being myself - hence the excessive exclamation points and all the casual lingo, lol (case in point). And then right after that, I believe in using that to connect and serve my couples (read as: have their back to the max) better than they could've imagined. 

I graduated from Texas A&M in May 2018 with a degree in Special Education. Let me tell you, that teacher voice comes in handy when second-cousin Jimmy doesn't want to listen during family portraits at your wedding. Shortly after that, I married my cutie husband, Patrick - that's us over to the right there - and we got our pup, Thor, or as we mostly call him, "Lil' Boi". Being a newlywed myself, I take my experience as a bride and use it to fuel every decision I make in my business. From day 1, I set out to create a "people-first, profit-second" kind of business and I'm preeeetty happy with that decision.

Couples are not just a client/project/single-day to check off the to-do list for me. I love to pour into my wedding friends (seriously, we will be friends after this, that's a straight up guarantee), from day one to the day of, and even after that. Whether it's 2am texts about something you want to add to the timeline, shared Pinterest boards, or me giving your grandma a job on your wedding day because homegirl just happens to be stressing you out while you get your hair done - I'VE GOT YOU. 

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For the adventure style elopements. Includes 6 hours of wedding photography coverage with a lead photographer, and online image gallery to download all provided images. Additional hours available at a per hour cost.

For the traditional wedding day.
Includes 8 hours of wedding photography coverage with a lead photographer and second photographer, a complimentary portrait session, and online image gallery to download all provided images.

For the BIG party!!!
Includes 10 hours of wedding photography coverage with a lead photographer and second photographer, 2 complimentary portrait sessions, an heirloom wedding album, and online image gallery to download all provided images.